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I am thrilled to have a brand new media platform. I will of course be using it to whore myself out for the amusement of the masses.

I would also love to know what you think. Please enjoy Yvonne and I debate the merits of the first blog post I ever wrote, and the first blog post she ever hater. Tom Nardone’s Theory of Pants.

I am Tom Nardone and you are welcome.


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The False Banner of ADHD Awareness

As most of us are aware there are plenty of people who wish to cause tension for those of us with ADHD. They will post insensitive articles about ADHD being a bunch of made-up bullshit. They will use children as leverage to speak about the dangers of medication. They post pictures illustrating how we are bunch of lazy crybabies.

The places I see these links, are in the social media groups in which I frequent. I don’t ever bother to look past the headlines. I just roll my eyes and carry on about my business. The question is, why do they do it? The answer is simple. They do it for the same reason anybody does anything. They do it because there is a market for it. Guess who creates this market? ADHD people create this market.

Yes that is you. Not all of you, but just a handful of you. The writers of these articles are like puppeteers. They know exactly how to excite you and manipulate you to action. They know all they have to do is come out strong and hard because as soon as certain ADHD people are made aware of them, they cannot get to their computers fast enough so they can share them;  thereby multiplying the reach of the author and his bullshit.

Under your false banner of “ADHD Awareness” you post this garbage because you knowTom-Nardone-false-banner-adhd-awareness it will get people in your group’s attention. You then somehow feel like a champion or a watchdog for the cause, but the damage you cause goes well beyond your “harmless” ploy for relevance.

Other ADHD people see the link you shared and they hop right on over to it, get mad, and then do likewise. The result of this cycle is the bloggers hit-count, relevance, and perhaps their incomes soar because thanks to you, their website climbs the ranks among the other ADHD blogs.

When you share horseshit like this, you have made yourself complicit in spreading that which inspires no one, while lining the pockets of assholes. You have succeeded in pushing the helpful ADHD blogs to the bottom of the search inquiries. You have succeeded in upsetting your friends and your community who have ADHD. You have succeeded in providing incentive for malicious people to continue to create the very thing you claim to be against. Congratulations!!! How does it feel to be part of the problem?

Yes! Your intentions may be good, but it doesn’t change the fact that you are being a stupid-ass, and f#cking it up for the rest of us. You are part of the problem and quite honestly, we would be better off without you if this is the measure of what you can offer. I can’t tell you what to do but I am telling you that regurgitating this bullshit helps all the wrong people and hurts all the good people.

There is nothing wrong with being an attention whore. I am the last person to judge anyone for that. I would ask you, are you really such a whore for attention that you are willing to promote the activities of those for whom you believe are trying to hurt us to get it? Perhaps you are better than that.

I am speaking about only a few of you. I am aware I have judged you, but I do not and will not apologize for what I have said. However I am Tom Nardone and I am nothing if not a giver so let me help you discover how you can get all the attention you ever wanted while at the same time not doing damage to a community you love and not being a douchebag.

Be a Hero!

Tomcat-womanStop spreading lies and/or negativity under the banner of “ADHD Awareness” and DO something. Start a blog and write about your own struggles and victories. I promise someone out there needs to hear your story a lot more than they need to hear your bullshit. If you can’t figure out how to create a blog, I will help you personally with it. You would certainly not be the first person who I have done this for. Somebody needs to hear from you! 

If you can’t write, that is fine. Make art that inspires rather than depresses people. There are people who need to understand what ADHD people are capable of. There are people who need to see you share your talent. Perhaps they are afraid to put their art on display and your work might be the thing that gives them the push they need to do it. Somebody needs you!

If you can write draw or paint then get involved in your social media groups and listen to other people and try to help them by letting them know they are not alone. Let them know you have been there. Share the ways in which you have persevered. Be an inspiration to somebody and let them see where you are and from where you came. Lots of people need to hear from you.

You will know how great it is to be a hero when you become one to somebody.

I am Tom Nardone, and You are welcome.


  • You can join the I Am Tom Nardone Facebook Group by clicking HERE. or Here
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  • Or you could risk never hearing from me again and go through life without the benefit of my counsel, but what would be the
  • I hate twitter but i am at @tomnardonehere and @adhdpeople

ADHD People | Don’t Just Award People the Title of Asshole, You Make Sure They Earned It.


It is a part of life for some of us with ADHD to be misunderstood. When we offend or rub others the wrong way through what we perceive as a normal exchange during a conversation or an interaction we cannot help but feel bad.

When ADHD people do this, they often retreat to groups who will give a sympathetic ear and do what they can to console or support the person who has been involved in this incident. I am glad to know there are places we can go for this type of support when needed.

I hear of this type of thing happening several times a week. What I find truly sad is when this happens among us. I think as ADHD people we should be more understanding when one of our own acts as an asshole. We are very quick to judge. Continue reading

ADHD Coaches | Take a Bow

coach tomThere is no Job in the world for which I have more respect, love and admiration for, than that of an ADHD Coach. It is a great and terrible thing to be an ADHD Coach, and while the rewards can be unmatched so can the sadness involved. It must be a Hell of a thing getting to know the struggles of an ADHD child or adult. I have many friends and I suppose colleagues in the ADHD community who I have come to know. They are in my opinion, heroes. I publically acknowledge and thank you all for the difference you are making. Continue reading

ADHD and Resentment | Success May Come at Too High a Price.


Some of us with ADHD have experienced a life of failure. We try, and we try, but in the end the scoreboard is the same. I am not suggesting we are destined to fail, or victory, for us is a fool’s errand. I am saying some of us with ADHD see it more than most.

I have realized through seeing my brother Phillip that it is a lot of work to be as successful. Phil is a real estate agent, and he brings home the bank. The other thing about Phil is that he works his ass off. He almost never gets a day off and he is always busy. He gets one day off a week and he spends a good portion of that day on his cell phone. Everything he does today affects tomorrow and everything he did yesterday affects him today. SCREW THAT! Continue reading

ADHD Podcasts | ADHD People, Blogs and Bloggers

10578770_863902260289594_2126776666_nI will be live with Justine Ruotolo on the Miss ADD Show. This will be an entertaining discussion on the joy and the pain of blogging. I will be sharing stories involving hate-mail, personal blunders, and other stories surrounding both of my sites. I will also be sharing the positive and negative impact it has had on my marriage, and my lovely wife Yvonne who you may remember from Podcast II.

tumblr_mwr0tvvE9h1rj50pjo1_500Some of you may be familiar with bloggers who constantly engage in Shameless acts of self-promotion to further their audience and the inflating of their own massive egos by proclaiming their own awesomeness. You should know there are many other reasons people write. We will discuss them.

tumblr_mvhhp5OBAg1rj50pjo1_500I will also take this opportunity to mention some of my favorite blogs I read; both seasoned veterans and the up-and-comers. We will also be hearing from some of them.

Justine and I will be taking calls throughout the show so if you have questions for me or Justine, whether they be, personal, blog or otherwise, you are encouraged to call.

(917) 889-7025

tumblr_mwbadrcMye1rj50pjo1_500If you will be honest with yourself you might discover you have nothing better to do anyway. I am looking forward to this Sunday night. It is a rare joy when I get to speak with my readers. Please feel free to call in.

I am Tom Nardone and you are welcome.