I had to go through this. Your kid doesn’t.

A story of an ADHD kid stricking back.

littletommyFirst grade; art class; we had a project where we would take a piece of construction paper and write our names on it with glue. Before the glue dried, we would sprinkle glitter on it and it made this shiny glittery image of our name.  Somehow mine came out better than most, and my teacher was very proud.  She held it up for the whole class to see. I was proud for that brief moment. Continue reading →


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Tom Nardone’s ADHD Museum of All Things Awesome

museum of all things awesome

Greetings people. For many of us, the property we own is nothing more than a museum of disappointments. Among the exhibits in this museum, are all the things that require our time and attention, but it doesn’t have to be this way. I have realized, I am the curator for my museum. I now invite you to visit, “Tom Nardone’s Museum of All Things Awesome” Continue reading


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Organization, I Can Live Without You.

tom-nardone-duster-222“Get yourself organized!” I heard this every day of my life while I was in school and while growing-up, but I never did it. I am also lazy in general. I don’t blame my ADHD for being lazy, but I do believe it is why I have difficulty doing things I don’t think are important. I am forty-two-years-old and still am not organized. The only difference today is I don’t worry about being organized. Continue reading


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ADHD People, We Make Fine Marriage Partners



An ADHD Marriage

My wife Yvonne and I have been together for ten years and I could not imagine being with anyone else. I put her needs before my own and neither I, nor she have to work at it. It just happens purely by instinct. We have what you might call an ADHD marriage, I am ADHD and she is ADHD. We do not work at our marriage because we are the best of friends. The two of us genuinely have a need to see the other happy as often as possible. When one of us is unhappy the other can find no comfort. Continue reading


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ADHD People: Sometimes, it’s Their Fault.

shit-storm -tom-nardoneSometimes, bad things happen to people who are not ADHD. Difficult as this may seem, non-ADHD people get divorced, are fired from jobs, be kicked out of their houses or apartments, and have car crashes. Yes, they too will at times receive the shit end of the stick, and it might even be something for which they are the cause. ADHD People are not the only ones weathering the storms of life. Continue reading


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I am Tom Nardone, and You Are On the Air!


Hello ADHD People, I am Tom Nardone and I am proud to announce, Justine Ruotolo aka Miss ADD has invited me to be her co-host for a special edition of her internet radio talk show. We will be discussing ADHD, laundry, my Blog, places you have found your keys and whatever else is on your mind as we attempt to fill an hour and a half of air time. I don’t know how educational this show will be, but I do know it will be entertaining. Continue reading

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ADHD People have nothing to prove | Job v/s Career

kdfdslkdflsIn High School I heard teachers say, “I guess that is all you want to do with your life so just go out and get a job and get a paycheck.” Yes, I have done that very thing, but I did not do this because they said I would.

I did not want a career then, nor do I now. I think it is fine for people who do. I respect people who have committed themselves to a goal, stayed the course and achieved the goals they have set. I too thought about this. The difference is they said, “Hell yes! I am going to go for it!” and I said, “Piss on it.” Continue reading


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Guest Writer Yvonne Nardone

yvonne-nardoneTom is the kindest smartest and funniest person I have ever met. He cares so much about kids and adults who have ADHD. You guys just dont know how excited he gets when people read him. Each time is no different than the first time. Tom and have a great thing, and although constantly disagree we seldom fight. Tom is my Best friend and husband and I’m proud to call him that. BUT,

He can really be a pain in my ass. Tom is unique, he claims he is so busy that he doesn’t have time to prepare his food. So he will eat abnormal portions of readily available food. Once he came home from work and thought warming leftovers to cumbersome so he took my entire fruit bowl upstairs and ate it. Who in the Hell, eats a bunch of bananas and half-dozen apples in one sitting? Continue reading


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