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Personally I don’t care, but others seem to have a problem with labels. Either they do not like being labeled themselves or they take issue with society labeling there kids or loved ones. Some parents will say, “Don’t you dare put a label on my angel”. Yeah okay mom and dad. I bet you wouldn’t say this if your angel’s label read “Honor Student”. Continue reading

The Great “Unfinished Task” Controversy | I will clear this up for you today.


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tom the builferrIn my home are many unfinished tasks. I know all too well, this is a symptom of my ADHD. It is not always a bad thing. I would like to mention several things in my house that are not completed. Some of you may see them as incomplete. I see them as something else. I am going to bring this full circle at the end so hang on. Continue reading

ADHD Marriage | Separate Bedrooms is the key. Who Knew?


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My wife did not want me writing about the fact we have separate bedrooms, but fortunately, it got out while we were on a Podcast together. Enjoy!

Many years ago, during the first three months of our marriage, I came home to the house after a hard day’s work. I was greeted at the bedroom door by my wife. She was holding a giant garbage bag that contained all of my clothes and a box containing my non-clothes items. She informed me that we would no longer have the same bedroom or the same bathroom. I was pretty bent up about it at first, but after further thought, a soothing calm fell upon me. It was then when it occurred to me what had actually just happened. Continue reading

ADDA Conference | ADDA Crasher


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(My Impressions)

The ADDA conference was just held in Orlando Florida. July 24th-27th at the Rosen Shingle Creek resort in Orlando Florida. I am thrilled I had the opportunity to attend. I was also very proud to be accompanied by my wife Yvonne. We had a wonderful time and met some fantastic people. It was initially my plan to crash it, but after being there a short time my wife convinced me to register and stay in Orlando for an extra day. I could not be happier she did.

I am not going to identify everything I learned, but I will hit some of the highlights of what made the trip so much fun. I saw some of my friends whom I had only known as online faces and words. I was honored to have been interviewed twice. The best part was the people I met. It was strange at first seeing the faces of all of those I only knew through my site, but I got used to it fairly quickly; I was even approached by a few people who recognized me.

ADDA Conference | The Venue

IMG_1569The ADDA Conference was a beautiful venue.IMG_1564 I am sure it must have been a five star hotel, it was enormous, and beautifully decorated. I felt like I was not supposed to be in a place this nice. It was certainly nicer than our room at “Garbage Gardens” where my wife and I were slumming it.


ADDA Conference | The People


DeShawn Wert, Yvonne Nardone, Tom Nardone

Jeff Copper, DeShawn Wert, Eric Tivers and Mike Fedel, who I know very well, were there and it was awesome to get to meet them in person. They are some of my favorite people in this community. There were also others who I barely knew or had never met.



Coolest Doctor Ever!

One of the more refreshing people I met was in a session I attended given by a “Doctor” Yes; a doctor. I did not know this going in or I would not have attended. Dr. Kirsten Milliken of, gave one of the more entertaining presentations. She exhibited none of the characteristics you might expect from a doctor in her presentation. She gave no medical or scientific advice or remedies, but rather very useful practical tips and suggestions. She is one of my new heroes.


Laurie Dupar and Tom Nardone.

I also met and got to know Laurie Dupar of Coaching for ADHD. I had my picture taken with her because I wanted to make one of my readers jealous (haha). Laurie is an awesome lady. We had more in common than I was aware and we talked each other’s ears off.

I met Rick Green and his lovely wife Ava Green of “TotallyADD ®” Rick was exactly as I imagined him to be. My wife and I spoke and laughed with Ava for quite a while and she gave us a DVD of their video. She and her husband Rick were kind enough to sign the jacket.


Tom Nardone & Alan Brown

Then there was Alan Brown of ADDCrusher®. I was very excited to meet Alan. Alan seemingly cannot walk from one place to another, without someone coming up to him to praise him or to pick his brain. He grabbed me and Yvonne and we snuck off into a bar and sat down. Alan bought us both a drink and we were able to sit and talk for an hour and a half. Anytime I was with Alan he was very adamant about introducing me to whoever he was talking with. He is a giver and a real class act.

ADDA Conference | The interactions


ADDA 2015 Presents Tom Nardone?????

I would especially like to thank Jeff Copper and Eric Tivers for taking the time and caring enough to interview me for their blogs. Jeff Copper and I did a video interview and that was not as rough as I imagined it would be since I have never done a video interview. Eric and I did an audio interview about what were my impressions of the ADDA conference and how I came to be there.

I am sure I will make attempts to be at the next ADDA conference. There was an overwhelming awareness I had that all of the people there had at least one thing in common. They all cared very deeply for all of those of us with ADHD. I could not have been more proud to have been in attendance.


Perhaps next year I will even have the honor of presenting. I think this would be an incredible experience and what a great opportunity it would be to speak in front of such a fine group of human beings. We’ll see.

I am Tom Nardone and you are welcome.

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Getting Hired and Fired with Tom Nardone | ADHD Podcast


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Greetings Everyone! I am Tom Nardone and I am ADHD. I will be doing a special podcast Sunday night with Justine Ruotolo on her internet radio show.

In my twenties, I was quite unfocused and hopped from job to job frequently. I was fired from or quit over twenty jobs in a single year. My purpose is not to brag about being fired so many times as impressive as some of you my find this to be. However in order to be fired 21 times you have to be hired 21 times. That IS impressive.

It is this impressive skill of being hired,  I wish to impart unto you. I will be sharing what I have learned about the process of the “Job Interview”, and other work place scenarios. For many of us, this ritual we must go through to get hired is a dreaded one. The Job interview is for many of us, a meeting where we worry the entire night before about each and everything we may do or say wrong.CONTINUE READING

Of Course I Write To-Do-Lists; Because Its Fun!


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To-do-lists? are fun!

Tom-nardone-to-do-listTo-do-lists are something I make from time to time. I know, when I finish my to-do-list, I am most likely not going to do anything on it. My to-do-lists end up being nothing but lists of historical things I should have done but didn’t. It is basically, a prophetic glimpse into the future to determine the things in my life I will not achieve. Continue reading

Planet ADHD | The Earth Stands Still


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Planet-ADHD-Tom-NardoneWhat if as the sun went down on Mother Earth. There was a worldwide outbreak of a new virus we will call. The ADHD Virus. The entire world woke up the following morning with ADHD. Ladies and Gentleman, I am Tom Nardone. Welcome to

 Planet ADHD

Continue reading

ADHD People, There Are Undesirables Among Us.


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TOM-NARDONE-ADHD-KITTENI don’t really have a desire to learn more about the condition we call ADHD, but being involved in ADHD groups on the internet has, nevertheless, taught me about it. My interest lies in seeing how this affects others in the course of their lives. The science of it holds no interest for me, and I don’t have a goal to become more educated about the condition itself. Continue reading

Organization and Neatness. They Can Be Trouble too.


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I do not judge anyone for the tidiness of their house or of the room in which they spend most of their time. People who live in hampers shouldn’t throw dirty laundry. There is however, one thing I can do, and I do this better than anyone else on earth. I can help you see the squalor that is your den, living room, or bedroom could be your saving grace. Continue reading

Tom Nardone’s ADHD Museum of All Things Awesome


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museum of all things awesome

Greetings people. For many of us, the property we own is nothing more than a museum of disappointments. Among the exhibits in this museum, are all the things that require our time and attention, but it doesn’t have to be this way. I have realized, I am the curator for my museum. I now invite you to visit, “Tom Nardone’s Museum of All Things Awesome” Continue reading


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