ADHD People have nothing to prove | Job v/s Career

kdfdslkdflsIn High School I heard teachers say, “I guess that is all you want to do with your life so just go out and get a job and get a paycheck.” Yes, I have done that very thing, but I did not do this because they said I would.

I did not want a career then, nor do I now. I think it is fine for people who do. I respect people who have committed themselves to a goal, stayed the course and achieved the goals they have set. I too thought about this. The difference is they said, “Hell yes! I am going to go for it!” and I said, “Piss on it.”

I thought, thirteen years of school is plenty, but doing another four, or eight was not even in my realm of possibilities. Twenty years is an awful long time. If I were to talk to someone who has decided to continue his or her education for the additional eight years it takes to be a doctor or a lawyer, my question would be this: what if he or she do all of this, and then realize being a doctor or a lawyer is a bullshit job they hate.

Yeah, well, I am afraid that is just tough shit. The practice of law and medicine are two of the few professions in which a person can screw other people out of the amount of money necessary to pay-off their exorbitant student loans they have amassed from so many years of college.

Some of you younger people might be thinking about law school or med-school. $200k dollars will purchase one of two things. It will purchase the education needed for you to be what you want to be, or it will purchase a ferryboat ticket for your voyage up Shit Creek where you will be for a good chunk of your life.

I knew in elementary school, I would never go to college. The thought occurred to me later in life when I lost my way for the briefest of moments. I went to college only for a semester and this was long enough to remind me I no longer had an appetite for this brand of bullshit. People told me I should continue my school because I am closing doors to my future. “Tom, you are limiting yourself and ignoring the opportunities you could have.” My response then and now are the same. I don’t give a shit.

Let’s say I did go to College and I became a doctor. This is a profession whose title alone commands respect. WOW I’m a doctor. I could even introduce myself as Doctor Nardone, or Tom Nardone M.D. How impressed would my family be with me when I became a doctor? I don’t have to do twenty years of school or have a student loan hanging out of my ass to know this is a bullshit gig from the word go.


I have been picking on doctors, and so I will continue with them in my example since they are the people for which I have the most contempt. I work at the Home Depot, and so, I would like to explain why Home Depot associate is a way better gig than Doctor is.

I have a far greater margin for error as a Home Depot associate. When a customer comes in and says, “Yeah, I need this board cut to sixty inches.” I then put the board on the saw and cut it to 6 feet. When I realize what I the mistake I have made, guess what I get to say: “Oops”. I say the word oops and I walk over, get another board and try it again. Well doctors do not get to use the word oops. I think there is almost no circumstance for which a doctor can say oops. However if the doctor makes a mistake such as cutting off the wrong arm of their patient, they do not have the same luxury which I am afforded at the good ole Home Depot. I go to get another board, but they will go ass first through a ringer, or have a team of lawyers jam themselves up their ass.

As I said before, most doctors will have to go through school for twenty years. Home Depot requires no college education and if you can simply follow your work schedule and demonstrate the ability to tie a bow behind your back, you may well have a job for life.

Doctors take “The Hippocratic Oath”. They are to treat every patient who walks through their door regardless of their office’s operating hours or personal plans they have made. They are to care for a patient until they are in stable condition. Whereas, at the Home Depot: “You go to Hell! The schedule says my ass is off at 5:00pm, and it is 5:00pm. Your problems are your own!”

Doctors are constantly bombarded with friends asking questions about their own personal medical problems or difficulties. They are told by their friends, in great detail, all of the things no one ever wants to know about their friends. Even though they are friends, one of them is a doctor. I work at the Home Depot. If I think about all of my friends, I could not tell you with any degree of certainty if any of them have an impacted colon or a yeast infection.

I chose doctors, but there are many other professions I could have used to make this comparison too. I do not want a career because I do not want to be defined my job. I am not known to my friends as a home improvement specialist. I am just Tom. I have enough shit to worry about other than the way I make my living. When I leave work, I do so physically and mentally. I do not go in one day worrying about the day before or the day after. Each day is its own story, and that story ends when I hit the time clock. To me there is great value in that.

ADHD people, if you are in a job and you enjoy it, take comfort in the fact you are probably better off than most. You job doesn’t have to define you.

If I could do it all over again, I would not do it any different. I like my life. I like where I am. I have friends and a family, and people who love me. The things I have done and not done with my life have landed me here in my home writing on my blog tonight. If the goal of a person’s life is to be happy, I am a brimming success story. I can think of worse things to be doing right now. I could be lying down to go to bed, as I dreaded going into the office tomorrow morning and sticking my hands up a stranger’s ass.

I am Tom Nardone, and you are welcome.

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About Tom Nardone

I write about everything that I can find humor in. I don't write about politics because I don't care what group of people are chosen to destroy this country. There are enough people doing that anyway.
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12 Responses to ADHD People have nothing to prove | Job v/s Career

  1. Jackie Marie says:

    I think some people genuinely enjoy their careers, and I say good for them.

    As for me, I graduated college two years ago with the intention of being a teacher for the rest of my life. I thought I knew what I was doing. It was assumed that the path I was on was the right path. Fast-forward to two years later, and I am sitting here at almost noon at home in my pj’s on a Tuesday. Am I teaching? No. Well, substitute teaching, yes. That is, on days I get called in.

    Do I want to have my own classroom? I don’t know. You see, I did teach for a year and a half. Long story short, it didn’t work out. In the end, I think it is just too big of a job for me right now. Maybe someday I will change on how I view that, but right now I’m okay with not really having a current career path. I’m doing things for me right now. When I really think about it, I think I’d be perfectly content if I had a job as a barista and spend my free time working on writing and doing other things I love.

    Sorry for writing a novel on your blog, Tom. Oops. Maybe I need to make this a post on my own blog. Anyway, let me wrap it up with this: I understand, and I agree with this post. Free time is precious, and so is being mentally healthy and stable. Careers can take away both of those things quickly if you’re not careful. Who cares what society says? In the end, we need to do what makes us happy.

    • Jackie, I get it. I thought i wanted to be a teacher at one time in my life. I still think it would be fun to teach kindergarten. Recess finger painting, i can think of nothing more awesome right now.

  2. Jackie Marie says:

    Oh, and did I mention that I pay $200 a month in student loans?

  3. ksbeth says:

    yes, i still think you would be an awesome kindy teacher and you are welcome into my room at any time. i can identify with these mini people too and that’s why i love it. as for your inspirational speech i love it, you have to do what makes you happy in life. i hope that you are asked to give the graduation speech somewhere someday tomnardone.

  4. pat chambers says:

    I totally agtee. Therer are too many teachers who discover, too late, that they dont like teaching. Too late to save the students. Disagree with the “oops” thing for doctors. I think they have more “oops” moments than the patients want to hear about. More than is known. My advice to my own children is ” get a job you enjoy doing in a place you enjoy doing it.” Lengthens life and certainly the enjoyment of it. If you cant spell work “play” then youre in the wrong vocation.

  5. Tom, I enjoy reading your blogs and you have inspired me to start my own. I went to college for four years and graduated. I never failed to fail as the pressure to “start a career” mounted. That pressure came from my parents, mostly, but I also realized that the women I was meeting were mostly looking for a meal ticket and, without a “career,” I wasn’t exactly a catch. I cycled through several “careers,” but me and my undiagnosed ADD couldn’t keep my head in the game long enough to establish a “career.” I kept spiraling and jumping from short term job to short term job until I decided that I needed a “career” in order to be happy. The only way I could atone for my past sins was to go to graduate school to get my MBA. The degree that I thought was going to be the golden ticket turned out to be merely a bump in the road. I am 45 years old and I still haven’t found that elusive “career,” so maybe I need to stop looking. I know that I can write, and if I take my meds, I can write for long enough to deliver coherent thoughts. Still, with $70,000 in student loans, a wife, a kid on the way and a mortgage, my lack of “career” seems very ominous.

    • The Highest compliment I get is that I have inspired someone to begin a blog. Congratulations my friend. I do hope you will ask me if you should need any help with anything. It is really fantstic to meet you

  6. Lindsey Anderson says:

    How you went through college was how I went through college. I could not understand why the hell anyone would suffer taking the boring classes which either have nothing to do with the main goal or there is no main goal.why should I suffer?.So at 19 I had a friend call me and say they needed help at a fishing hatchery on Alaska do I want the job? Did I fish? Nope..did I want out? day I dropped out and flew to Alaska..came home..packed my stuff and never moved back home. Now, I personally envy people who love what they do and pay their bills doing it. I have no clue what that would be like. I went back just to become medical.assistant. I’m a care coordinator for 5 surgeons..and work full time. I don’t hate it, don’t live it. I HATE working full time…I worry constantly that time is flying by ..I get up…clean and go to bed and repeat…that depresses me..but when your family loves what it does for them I’m fairly screwed. Kids are teens and they move away, and some day I’ll have big decisions to make. Some days living this 9-5 seems like a prison sentence. However, I don’t regret taking off to Alaska one bit. Thank god I have an insane imagination to entertain me to get me through the day..if only it would come in use for something worthy;)

  7. Olga says:

    Hey Mal, hang in there. I too am stuck working at new job doing the same thing I have for years. I swore I would never do it again. I can’t wait to be “dismissed” for not being a good fit.its everything I didn’t want. Cubby, data entry, and more passwords than I have socks. And trust me my grandson mated all 64 pairs of socks. When you can’t find one, you buy new ones.

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