Organization, I Can Live Without You.

tom-nardone-duster-222“Get yourself organized!” I heard this every day of my life while I was in school and while growing-up, but I never did it. I am also lazy in general. I don’t blame my ADHD for being lazy, but I do believe it is why I have difficulty doing things I don’t think are important. I am forty-two-years-old and still am not organized. The only difference today is I don’t worry about being organized.

I spent years trying out many different ways to be and stay organized. I try keep track of my things, but they seem to just have a mind of their own. My things belong wherever they might land when I am finished with them. On the rare occasion, I find myself fixing things or doing something around the house. I will lay a tool down and later have no idea where it might be only seconds after using it. For me, this is the most frustrating part.

My shortcomings in the area of organization have led me to make changes in the way I live and the way I think. For years I thought as many do. I believed I needed to live my life a certain way so I could become more organized. After many years of failure, I did the obvious; I gave up.

Instead, I have adopted practices that accommodate the way I want to live. I am convinced there are specific areas of my life I cannot change. Over the past two or three years, I have figured out ways to manage the disorganization of my life, and I have found solace in the lowering of my standards.


Most of us live in climates where the weather changes and we have summer clothes and winter clothes. Changing over was a dreaded time, and I never looked forward to it. I don’t have enough closet space for all of my clothes, and Yvonne has too much crap in the guest bedroom closet. This makes life difficult for me. So in the summer, I would take all my winter clothes out of totes on the floor in my closet and replace them with my summer clothes.

I would carefully and neatly, fold everything to usher in my summer clothes. I would never do this on time and I ended up with a big pile of fresh disappointment in my closet. I would have to search every morning for something to wear to work.

It occurred to me the problem was the care I exhibited for the clothes I was packing away. I asked myself why I was doing this to myself. I was worrying about my clothes in regard to their condition and storage. I was surprised to realize I was doing this since I don’t ever worry about what my clothes look like while I’m wearing them.

Not anymore. “Thank You Hefty!” Yes, that’s correct. I now make a big huge pile of my winter clothes on the floor in my room and stuff them into big giant bags. Yes there are wrinkles because to hell with folding them. Do you know what I do with clothes that have wrinkles all over them? Yes, you’re correct. I wear them. I can live with this, and the rest of the people in my life will get over it soon enough as well. I think it is rather poetic how my laziness has served to facilitate a system of organization in my laundry.


There is nothing I enjoy drinking more than cranberry juice. There is a store less than a mile from here and I can get a half gallon of it for only two dollars. Sometimes I grab a case of six bottles and pay only twelve dollars. When I get home, I would always forget to put any of it in the refrigerator and when I was ready to drink one they were all room temperature. When I did remember to put them in the fridge, I would be too lazy to go down the stairs to get it.

I solved both of my problems of forgetfulness and laziness by simply embracing them. I have learned to drink it and enjoy cranberry juice at room temperature. There is now no chance of forgetting to put it in the fridge because I have forgone the effort. I keep it on a shelf or on the floor in my man-cave, where it is always readily accessible. Perhaps the problem was my need for extravagance and insisting that my beverages must be cold. Cold beverages are just not worth the aggravation.


This has been the biggest challenge to deal with for most of my life. I have spent hours and hours of my in search of my wallet and/or my keys. I had the solution years ago in a blog post about pants. In case you missed it I determined pants do not need as much laundry time as other garments. I wear the same pair of pants for days or weeks in a row without washing them. The other thing is, I don’t go anywhere ever when I get home from work because screw that. So the solution for this was simple. I leave my wallet and my keys in my pants. They are then ready for business the next day when I get up and get dressed to go to work. I can even sleep later now because I don’t have to set aside time to search for them in the morning. I win!

While I do prefer my room to be clean, there is a huge downside. When I lose things, there is no debris scattered. Scattered debris gives me hope because it might me under this or it might be under that. When something is lost, and I am looking for it, I find it reassuring to have things under which I can look. After my room is clean, if I cannot find something, I get irritated. One time I got my room cleaned up and I could not find my iPod cable to charge it. I tore my whole room apart looking for it and when I was finished, it was as messy as it was before I began. What was the point?

I suppose I have weighed the ideas of changing my life to be more organized with not changing my life and just rolling with it; I will choose the latter. I am not a big self-improvement guy and I am quite comfortable in the way in which I live my life. I appreciate the sentiment of people trying to help me as they say, “Tom, if you will just do this or this, then…” yah yah yah OK, I don’t care enough about those things to do “this or this”. I don’t really believe my life would be any more abundant if I were to be organized, or perhaps for me, it just isn’t worth the effort.

I am Tom Nardone and you are welcome.

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About Tom Nardone

I write about everything that I can find humor in. I don't write about politics because I don't care what group of people are chosen to destroy this country. There are enough people doing that anyway.
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16 Responses to Organization, I Can Live Without You.

  1. I totally get this! For the longest time, I didn’t think it would ever be possible for me to get organized. But, I’ve realized that anyone can get organized, even me. I just had to find the ways that worked for me. Also, I had to learn how to be ok with ‘good enough’. I am horrible at getting lost in the details & hyper-focusing on the little crap that doesn’t make much of a difference. I too have stopped folding most of my clothes. I mean really, I doubt anyone even notices the wrinkles. If they do, who cares? Not I. Warm drinks also became the norm for me, but I came upon a solution for this kind of by accident. We had to buy a minifridge for another purpose. Once it had served it’s purpose, we still had a minifridge just hanging around, not being used. After having our son for a short while, my hubby decided he didn’t want to have to go to the kitchen to make him a bottle several times a night, so the previously mentioned minifridge was moved to our room. I now have cold drinks & still get to be lazy. ;P

    • Yah I think the mini-fridge would become a new garbage can shortly. Thanks for sharing and for the kind words.

      • Kitty Vahlberg says:

        Np! We make it a point to only use the mini fridge for drinks. That way, we don’t have to worry about it becoming just another mess. When it comes to organizing though, not everything works for everyone. But, sharing ideas & helpful resources never hurts imo. 😉

  2. tom – this is great! I need organization and like strategies to handle problems, but the best strategy is to not have a problem at all, and redefining it is one way.
    your key and wallet strategy is a great strategy – and could i say organizing? you have a rule, and your keys and wallet always go in the same place, so you always know where to find them,. (actually, you don’t have to FIND them)
    i’ll post this link

    • Hey thanks for the kind words. I saw your latest post and I have made the same argument in a different way. I do not post links on bloggers comment sections but I think you would appreciate this more than most. Send me a tweet @tomnardonehere

  3. tom- i would be happy to send to a tweet if i had any idea how!
    technologically challenged

  4. ksbeth says:

    i admire your solution and approach to these circumstances. rather than fight and agonize, just embrace it all. like the old war credo: keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. wonderful tomnardone.

    i have a mom in my class who is raising 3 small kids and i am in awe or her approach to clothes and laundry for them. she told me she just washes everything together and then dumps it all in the kitchen when it’s dry. they then climb over and into the piles and find what they want to wear, and they are dressed and ready for another day at school. fun for everyone, no fighting, and they all get to school without drama. i love her for this.

  5. Your form of organization seems perfectly acceptable. Makes perfect sense, I suppose I might wash everything to get the wrinkles out, but then that is just me.

    Love this. Why not, I now have something new to try, that is if I ever live some place with true seasons.

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  7. Alyson W says:

    Of course I find this on a day when I feel horrible about myself and the black hole that is my house. Thanks.

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