Tom Nardone’s ADHD Museum of All Things Awesome

museum of all things awesome

Greetings people. For many of us, the property we own is nothing more than a museum of disappointments. Among the exhibits in this museum, are all the things that require our time and attention, but it doesn’t have to be this way. I have realized, I am the curator for my museum. I now invite you to visit, “Tom Nardone’s Museum of All Things Awesome”

There is so much in the world today seeming to beg for my attention such as, the condition of my house, my friends, my family, my job and so on. It can be overwhelming. It has taken me many years to develop my philosophy as it relates to these things, but I think my solution is rather simple.

It just takes a little bit of prioritizing and a little bit of not giving a shit. I have, what I consider, a healthy balance of them. Some of these I have covered in detail before, but bear with me please for two reasons: 1. I wrote this, and 2. I am Tom Nardone.

My House

Tom-Nardone-LandscapeI own a house, and have spoken of it before. I know many people who live in a house. For the most part they are proud of their houses. They take measures to ensure, repairs are completed. They spend an incredible amount of time and money to ensure the yard is maintained. They are constantly tuned in to the needs of their house, and they just enjoy knowing their house is in good condition. This is because they look at their house as a status symbol or as an extension of themselves. They believe their neighbors will judge them by the appearance of their house. I don’t.

My Car

I also own a car. Much like houses many people take pridePicture4 in their cars. I know some men who practically are in love with these machines. They take time on the weekend to wash, wax, vacuum, detail and conduct maintenance on them. There are even some real car enthusiasts, who drive great distances to show their car off, or look at cars owned by others at car shows. They just love their cars. I don’t.


My Clothes

Tom-Nardone-closetI also own clothes. I own far too many clothes. This is also another way some people display their status to others. They dress each day, with the hope and anticipation that others will be impressed or take notice. They take time and effort and challenge themselves, asking, “Am I displaying myself in the best possible light?” These people will spend tons of money on various articles of clothing for reasons of necessity, preference and yes, even vanity. They count on their clothes to send a message to other people. I don’t.


The aforementioned are the things you and I interact with every day of our lives. It is for this reason I chose them. They are also the things about which so many of my readers have been vocal. The secret, as I see it, is two-prong. I will explain.

First we must realize who is in charge. Consider this; your house, your car, your clothes and you, who makes all the decisions. You do! You are correct! You have the only vote. It is a matter of your discretion. The other secret is simply, your own perception, and this is the harder thing for most people to overcome, but worry not. I will get you there.

Who the Hell is in Charge Around Here Anyway

Tom-Nardone-KitchenI view my house, as a whore. It is perhaps the single most greedy, uncaring, killer of fun, son of a bitch I have ever owned, but I am in charge! Having this attitude, allows me to be happy within it. I do what I want to my house. When my house decides to have a problem, I make the decision as to whether a solution is needed. I don’t bow to its every whim. For the same reasons, I also look at my car as whore. It is a whore of necessity, but a whore nevertheless. I have never even washed a car I owned. While sometimes, my house or car may need immediate attention, It is I who decides what does and does not happen. I am in charge.

I don’t look at my clothes as a bunch of whores but they do seem to try, and make me into their pimp for satisfaction of my washing machine. My washing machine is absolutely, every bit of a whore. It patiently waits, so it can relish in the fact I am doing laundry. However, it is for me to decide when or if, the washer machine is fed. I am in charge.

The Grand Scheme of it

I know many of you, are perhaps where I am with some of this. For those of you who are not, here is my thought process. Let’s assume for the last fifteen years my house was in order, my car was washed and cleaned, and I had the finest clothes money could buy. How much better would my life be? No better; is correct.

Your perception of what is important is how things in your life are prioritized. Sometimes we do things for so long we just have it in our heads that they must be done. Some of them do, but many of them do not. It is YOUR decision. You are to decide what is done or neglected, but I think many of us do OK with that which we deem important.

I am not suggesting anyone should abandon the care for the things for which they have worked hard, but will challenge you to ask yourself if what you are worried about warrants your worries. Is it something you care about or are you just capitulating to what the rest of the world seems to value? If they are not happy in your museum, they can go hump a stump.

Always remember and never forget this about the world. They are not awesome. You are!

tom-nardone-dusterI am Tom Nardone, and you are welcome.

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About Tom Nardone

I write about everything that I can find humor in. I don't write about politics because I don't care what group of people are chosen to destroy this country. There are enough people doing that anyway.
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16 Responses to Tom Nardone’s ADHD Museum of All Things Awesome

  1. ksbeth says:

    thank you for this guided tour of your museum, tomnardone. i believe the smithsonian will be calling.

  2. Diane Farden says:

    You just make things so simple lol!

  3. karen698 says:

    I am totally guilty of letting some of these materialistic things rule over me. I have been trying to change this, and appreciate your brand of wisdom on this issue. Well done. Oh- I mean , Awesome!

  4. sherry walker says:

    How funny!!! Oh my goodness the photos are fantastic. I think that there is a picture of my closet in there. Perfectly described and this is why I never wash my car. 1 time in 3 years, AWESOME!

  5. Marcie Chisum says:

    Great article.

  6. Love this! My husband & I have been taking on this same attitude lately. With work, school, 2 little munchkins, and everything else going on, worrying about material things is not a big priority for us. Although, I do love my house, but I don’t view it as a status symbol. I see it more like my own sanctuary, where I am free to do (or not do) whatever I want. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  7. Simplification, perfection. I wish I were not so anal about my world, it would be so much easier. This Tom was lovely, a guided tour into how to destress.

  8. Gray Dawster says:

    Thanks for the wicked tour around your museum of wickedness Tom,
    I know that I haven’t been around much and so I apologise for that, mind you when I do get back into the swing of things expect to be bugged rather often my great friend 🙂

    Happy Easter and keep your Awesomeness unique, as always…


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