ADHD People, There Are Undesirables Among Us.

TOM-NARDONE-ADHD-KITTENI don’t really have a desire to learn more about the condition we call ADHD, but being involved in ADHD groups on the internet has, nevertheless, taught me about it. My interest lies in seeing how this affects others in the course of their lives. The science of it holds no interest for me, and I don’t have a goal to become more educated about the condition itself.

For a long time, I gave anyone with ADHD a pass on things for which I would normally not give a pass. I would say well they are ADHD so…. It took some time, but I eventually discovered, some of the assholes on the internet also happen, to be ADHD. Let’s talk about them.

Before I begin, I want to point something out. I love ADHD people. I love them all; even the assholes. I find them to be compassionate, sensitive, funny and most importantly, I find them to be interesting. Many of you know I have always been, and still am, willing to talk, one on one with anyone who asks for an audience with me. I have spent hours trying to help ADHD people, and I have been proud to do so. ADHD people are my favorite people.

However, there are a few ADHD people who are just hell-bent on being difficult. They are the splinters, lying in wait, on the benches of our community, ready to pierce the skin of our collective asses. We have all met them and many of us deal with them daily. If you are a group administrator, you’re probably pretty excited about this story. So here hey are.


Harvesters of ADHD Sorrow

These people are the ones who either come across or seek out a controversial article, such as “ADHD is not real”, or some other post that angers other ADHD people. They then post it into the group and say how awful or how sad it is. WOW! Look, these people are helping no one. They simply want attention, which I completely support and condone. The problem is they are doing so by giving the writers and creators of this bullshit more attention and traffic. This is exactly what they want and when you share this shit, you are complicit in the horseshit of these very assholes. Stop feeding the dragon.

ADHD Language Biologists

When you have Anemia, you say, “I am anemic”. When someone is bipolar, we say, “They are bipolar” So if I have ADHD, I simply say, “I am ADHD”. It is just an easier way to say it than, “I have been diagnosed with ADHD”. I am the first one to say nobody is their ADHD. We are awesome and unique people and I say this from the heart. So why do people feel the need to mince our words? It is because they cannot come up with anything interesting to say, so they feel semantics are the next best thing. If you don’t like the way we talk, then post your issues to twitter using the hash tag #shitforbrains.

ADHD Prudes 

TOM-NARDONE-SOCK-DRAWEROne thing in the ADHD community I believe is universal among all of us is our sense of humor. I recently posted this photo I created and as you can see, it is quite kickass. It received lots of likes and shares, but there is always one among us that in spite of the fact that over 100 people loved it they feel the need to take “The High Road” and to take issue with it. Over 100 people are enjoying a parade, but one lone renegade asshole feels the need to rain on it. I believe this stems from a holier than thou complex. In the mind of this person, they seek either to cause trouble or to assert their moral superiority over the rest of the people in the group. “Hey thanks for your comment but it would just be more convenient for us all if you just went straight to hell”


ADHD IQ People

These are the people who always manage to find an excuse to tell all the people in a group the level of their intelligence by indicating what their IQ score is. “My friends call me stupid, even though my IQ is 141” or “My IQ was the highest in my class, but the kids still…” Yah Yah Yah nobody gives a shit. IQ tests are flawed and specifically so for ADHD people. Who among us as children wanted to sit down and take a stupid test for no reason that did not count towards our grade? A few of us maybe, but they are the exception, and not the rule. I implore you IQ-spouters to pick another life achievement for which you would like to indicate your awesomeness. This is just annoying and sad.

The people above can be tolerated to some degree, but there is another class who seem to give many of us the red-ass.

Non-Medication ADHD People 

These people are the worst of the bunch. These are the fear-mongering assholes who have no idea what you or your kids are going through, and do not know what you should do. Oh but they know what you should not do. Don’t take those dangerous meds. Many of these sons of bitches have their own group and they consider themselves the ADHD elitists. They love to dig up all the tests and case studies and discuss how safe they are and how terrible are all the parents who would subject their own kids to this type of treatment. I say to all of you “Go hump a stump”. If your treatment is working well for you or your child, then I support you. Don’t use it as an excuse to shit on mine.

I am not telling anyone what he or she should do or should not do. They should be who they are, and all that crap, but they shouldn’t be surprised when they get the reaction they deserve. It is my opinion these people are generally the cause of most of the problems I have seen. I love them, but I just thought it would be fun to single out a few of them. I hope you did too.

I am Tom Nardone and you are welcome.

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About Tom Nardone

I write about everything that I can find humor in. I don't write about politics because I don't care what group of people are chosen to destroy this country. There are enough people doing that anyway.
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11 Responses to ADHD People, There Are Undesirables Among Us.

  1. Okay, do you mind if a borrow #shitforbrains, there are a few other ways in this might be useful. In the meantime, that is funny.

    Dyslexic people always like to spout off how high their IQ is and how Dyslexia is a sign of a high IQ. My answer is really, then why is it you are such a complete cretin? They don’t understand the question, another sign they are idiots.

    As always Tom, you kill me.

  2. LOVE the hashtag and LOVE the sock drawer photo!! Thanks for making me smile when I’ve had a million #shitforbrains folks to deal with in a day.

  3. ksbeth says:

    loved the no nonsense advice – shot straight from the heart and the hip. no messing around, to the point, telling it like it is. sing it, brother tom!

  4. Bob says:

    Tom, very funny stuff.

    I love the fact that you claim that you don’t want to know the WHY. I know from personal experience that people can get SO lost in the technical mumbo jumbo of WHY, that they lose sight of the fact that we are people, not biological test subjects. It’s way better to know WHAT is going on and HOW to adjust accordingly, on an individual level. Then we can share our success and our failures.

    As for the treatment aspect, WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT!! What works for one person may not work for anyone else! I, too, am tired of others pushing their own ideas of proper therapy on everyone else: medicine vs. no medicine, vegan, no gluten, no artificial colors or flavoring. Not everyone has food allergies that create ADHD like symptoms!!

    I was going to say something about I.Q., but it will probably turn into a rant about my lack of success. 😦

    Please keep up what you are doing!!

    P.S.: I like the sock drawer sign, even if it’s a little too shiney! lol

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  6. nathalie890 says:

    Just stumbled onto your blog, Tom. And people say I’M blunt!!!!
    Love your work – and for the record, I love the sock drawer thing. Just know it’s going to get me in trouble though, grinning stupidly to myself, while listening to certain people ramble about my adhd parenting deficiencies (and thinking about their socks!)

    • Tom Nardone says:

      Natalie Thank you so much for your comment. IO am glad you find the site entertaining. I apologize as my wife and I have been devoting a lot of our time to our new ADHD Podcast. Thank you for taking the time and sorry again for the delay. You are awesome!!!!!

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