The Great “Unfinished Task” Controversy | I will clear this up for you today.

tom the builferrIn my home are many unfinished tasks. I know all too well, this is a symptom of my ADHD. It is not always a bad thing. I would like to mention several things in my house that are not completed. Some of you may see them as incomplete. I see them as something else. I am going to bring this full circle at the end so hang on.


My house was apparently built by an asshole. About eight years ago, the toilet began to leak. Unfortunately it was not the tank causing the leak; it was the bowl. A leaking tank would have been favorable since this would be fresh clean water. The leaking bowl meant it was “Honey-Water”. I could have let the fresh water go for a while but the honey-water needed to be dealt with immediately.

I pulled up the toilet and cleaned the floor. I then used two wax seals to re-install it; like the builder should have done. I completed the toilet install, but the toilet is used every day and this made it a priority. What never gets used is the ceiling below the toilet downstairs. I had to cut it away to fix the toilet so there was a big hole in the ceiling. The way I saw it was, “Hey, this hole isn’t hurting anyone. Great; not a priority”

cielingThat hole stayed there for about two years and one day during one of my wife’s “I don’t want to live like this” rampages, she insisted I do something. Well as you can see I did something but it is still not complete.


That wet feline bastard

door closed




Here you see a big hole in the wall in my bathroom closet. Our bath tub faucet was leaking and I was was fine about it. It could leak all it wanted to. The problem our cat loved the water and would stand under the dripping faucet. Each morning when he heard my wife’s alarm clock he would run downstairs and jump in the bed with her. For years my wife never knew why he was always so wet in the morning. She came upstairs once to ask me what I was doing and saw the dripping faucet.

Yvonne shouted “TOM!”

Tom said cheerfully, “Yes dear?”


Tom thinking very quickly on his feet said, “Darling! you look great in that shirt where did you get it? Is it new?”

Yvonne, who was not impressed with Toms comedic composure screamed, “XBOX OFF! PUT ON SOME PANTS AND GO TO HOME DEPOT! THIS SHIT ENDS TODAY!”

I had to cut this hole in the wall to access the plumbing and as far as I know my wife doesn’t know the hole is still there. She doesn’t read my blog much. She says she lives with this bullshit; why should she read about it.

me in the wall

me in the wall

The bathroom faucet was a priority so I replaced it as instructed, but no one really ever used that one little section of wall. This is why it is still a hole.

Okay yes. Technically these are all tasks that have not yet been finished. I choose not to see them as unfinished tasks. I look at them as praises and accolades in a glass jar. Allow me to explain.



LOOK, Just about 6 More inches to go!

tom construct

Through the eyes of Tom

You know how great it feels when a project is completed. You have that feeling of just…WOW! Look at that! Well I have six or seven projects that are almost done. Whenever I need a blast of accomplishment, I can walk right over to the piece of missing ceiling or wall and spend a short period of time and I will be finishing a big job. It is basically like receiving a discount on that productivity rush we all so covet. Now comes the reward.

I can then go into Yvonne’s room, and say, “Yeah babe… you know that bathroom job? Yeah… I just knocked it out. It was no problem. It should have been done a long time ago babe. I got it done for you though.”

Yvonne will say, “Good Job! Tom. I am proud of you.”

To which I say, “Okay babe you’re welcome. Hey, listen I am going to run out to GameStop and pick up the new Call of Duty. You want anything while I am gone.”

BAM! Game, set, match; Tom wins.

There are many reasons not to finish shit. If you are bored, you don’t have to start a new project. You always have something to do. Maybe in your one or two year break, you come up with a better idea to improve the project. Maybe it is something you do not want to screw with, and someone else will do it. They might really enjoy that kind of crap.

Maybe life is just, for the moment, too annoying to worry about it. Maybe we are just unsure how to proceed and afraid of screwing something up. Maybe for some or all of these reasons, we just don’t give a shit about this one little stupid thing that is not disrupting the balance of the earth.

I realize this is a challenge for many people. There are many ADHD coaches who work with individuals for whom this is a tragic and defeatist problem. There are those who aspire to finish things. This why God gave you ADHD coaches. I have the utmost respect for an ADHD person who can help orchestrate multiple lives and their own as well. I don’t know how they do it. They are from God.

Then there are those of us who simply prioritize things and don’t worry about the things that are not completed. We just do well to keep it together, get to our jobs and attend to the more pressing matters in our lives. You just want to be understood and made to feel good about being who you are.

You people have me.

I am Tom Nardone and you are welcome.

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About Tom Nardone

I write about everything that I can find humor in. I don't write about politics because I don't care what group of people are chosen to destroy this country. There are enough people doing that anyway.
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10 Responses to The Great “Unfinished Task” Controversy | I will clear this up for you today.

  1. Tom I have to tell you, I do not think this is the ADHD, no indeed. I think this is simply being a man. You do this quite well though.

  2. ksbeth says:

    yes, i understand this and am kind of the same with getting projects done. if i see a shiny object along the way, forget it. and i love that you work at home depot where fix-it and build it, is the theme.

    • I hate projects Beth. tell Yvonne to leave me alone will you

      • ksbeth says:

        sorry, you are on your own tomnardone, i like yvonne sardine and maybe you need a third person to finish the projects.

        i think you could start your own ‘for those of you who hate projects too’ booth at home depot. have a couple of lazy boys, some games, big screen, cool drinks and snacks, and they can sit there and relax and you can dispense your ‘how to get out of a project’ advice. they can tell their spouses, ‘i’m going to home depot, so stop complaining, i’m going to see what i need to get for the project. ‘

        • Beth you are the mist brilliant woman ever. Oh and by the way you are looking marvelous today.

        • ksbeth says:

          thanks tom, and tell yvonne sorry her last name came out ‘sardine.’ p.s. if you have your home depot special spot one day, maybe have a secret door leading to it, looking like it’s leading to a loading dock or stock room, and for those who want to get in, they have to say, ‘tom sent me’ to get in.

  3. Gray Dawster says:

    I agree with Val, yet quite remarkably I am nothing like you, I am one of those peeps that finishes each job to perfection. Some might say Smart Arsed but I like to think that I am just too thorough, probably a genius and more than likely as awesome as Tom Nardone, not quite as awesome as that would be a very hard act to follow but getting there. The thing is no matter what we men do, we are never seen as perfect, even though both of our methods are incredibly sound.

    Have a wicked rest of weekend
    Tom and be awesome, as per usual 🙂


  4. awsome!
    I was gonna elaborate, but I think I’ll leave that unfinished, for the moment

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