Tom Nardone (Rewired?)

Tom Nardone (Rewired?)

Tom RewiredI have never asked for help for my ADHD. I have never tried to be anything more than what I am. I have been content to live each day without worrying about the former or the latter. Recently I decided to be a part of a Productivity & Accountability group run by Eric Tivers at ADHD Rewired.

OH MY!!!!! Is the end of Tom Nardone? Are the days of dirty laundry and days spent on his Xbox over? Uhhh Shit no they are not over. Who in the Hell wants to live I a world without Tom Nardone. I will not be trying to teach you how to remember things or get things done. There are plenty of others doing that. I promise I will continue to entertain you as I celebrate my failures with you as they will no doubt continue.

I am doing this because I am finally curious as to what if anything can be accomplished through coaching. I hear many success stories and I wonder if my story could be counted among them. While there are two or three specific things I would like to accomplish, I am also open to the change this could bring to me as a person, a writer, a podcaster and a husband.

I am scared. Not in a frightened way but I seldom try new things because I do not want to experience the failure I have grown accustomed to. It is scary to me when I venture out of my comfort zone. I have made a mark in the ADHD community as being an advocate for acceptance rather than change. I have no intention of abandoning this, but personally I have things I would like to see improved.

A person who I have come to know and love said to me upon hearing of this, “Tom, You know your wife is going to expect a lot more from you”. To which I replied, “No, she won’t.” I can understand this notion. The truth of the matter is Yvonne will not expect anything more from me. Yvonne is happy with me just the way I am and whether or not any of this works out or not, will not change anything between us.

I did not always believe in the idea of coaching but over the years I have grown and heard too many success stories to discount the value of it. I have had discussions with too many coaches to question the commitment they have to doing what they do. I know many people who are bloggers or podcasters in our community. I think what they do is fantastic, but it is ADHD coaches for which I have the greatest respect.

My podcast has taken up the majority of my time and it feels good to be writing again. I am very excited about my life and I hope this works out for me. I leave room for the chance of failure, but I am committed to taking this seriously and I know there are those who desperately want me to succeed. I can’t really give a shit about what they want tough because I have to do this for myself.

Change can be a good thing. I will be mentioning my progress or lack thereof weekly on The Tom Nardone show with Yvonne. I invite all of you to listen.


About Tom Nardone

I write about everything that I can find humor in. I don't write about politics because I don't care what group of people are chosen to destroy this country. There are enough people doing that anyway.
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4 Responses to Tom Nardone (Rewired?)

  1. Carolyn D'Argenio, Uniquely U ADHD Coaching says:

    Tom Nardone is about to get “awesomer.”

    Great reflecting on this post. You will love coaching. We already know you love the coach.

    Watch out, world!

  2. ksbeth says:

    good luck to you, young man. i’m in your corner. if nothing else, it will be an adventure )

  3. Elaine says:

    I’d be interested in coaching but unfortunately cannot afford i .

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