Stop Kicking Your Own Community in the Nuts

The world is made of people. Many of these people are shit. So it stands to reason that much of the world is comprised of shit. It is also the right of any person to be stupid or to be an asshole. From time to time one of these assholes infiltrates the ADHD community and posts a video or a blog post about French kids not having ADHD or ADHD not being real and blah blah blah you’ve heard it before.

Very recently there was a video of some blonde bimbo wannabe whore who was in a video and was spouting off about one thing or another. This got A LOT of views. Whatever her name is and what ever she said in this video is not relevant. She is not the problem. The problem is a small handful of YOU! It is you for whom this was written.

Some of you people mean well. Perhaps you think you are helping when you share this kind of material. You share it and say, “Oh this is just awful” or “That’s a terrible betrayal of parents”. I do understand this so let me be as gentle, delicate, and polite as I can possibly be about this and say to you people, “Please stop fucking it up for the rest of us”

Yes, let’s examine what your sharing accomplished. You made thousands of ADHD people feel bad and them put in a defensive position. You have caused them to feel guilt and have doubt about themselves and about their disorder. Oh but it does not stop there! No your gift to the community keeps on giving. The whore who posted the video had a record 6.6 MILLION views with over 64 thousand shares. As a result of this, her google rank is soaring. Now when people to a search for ADHD they will be greeted by a video of the very whore who made you so angry in the first place.

I guess to put it short, You just kicked the entire ADHD community in the nuts! (so to speak)

If you are so hell-bent on drawing attention to yourself and must share things then how about find an ADHD blogger or Podcaster who is out there trying to help people and share their shit. There is Andrew Wilcox Clinton Fetters, Jennie Friedman, Eric Tivers, Laurie Dupar, Terry Matlen and a shit-load of others.

Either pick a hero or be a hero, but stop drilling your own community members in the ass

I am Tom Nardone and you are welcome.

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About Tom Nardone

I write about everything that I can find humor in. I don't write about politics because I don't care what group of people are chosen to destroy this country. There are enough people doing that anyway.
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6 Responses to Stop Kicking Your Own Community in the Nuts

  1. Okay, I need new glasses. I was trying to comment on my phone and it wasn’t working out for me. Maybe I already commented, but I think I lost it. Yep, I’m talented like that. And blind. Very, very blind.
    What I tried to say, and probably much better the first time around was this:
    Thank you, Tom, for posting this. The other day when I saw the video of said blonde bimbo shared, I actually watched it. I was immediately disgusted, outraged, and just plain sick to my stomach. My first reaction was that we needed to DO something! We needed to EXPOSE this ignorance to the world! We had to ACT!! But just like playground bullies, that is what she wanted. A reaction. A reaction gave her better views. A reaction gave her ratings. A reaction pushed her into the limelight. Now don’t we have enough fools running amok on the internet making themselves famous for being heinous assholes already?
    A couple days later I saw another share, this time of an article from some Harvard idiot. This time I didn’t take the bait. This time, I refused to read words that were going to incite anger in myself or others. We already HAVE ADHD. We don’t need anyone to prove it to us.
    What we need is to continue to support our own ADHD community. We need to continue to share in conversations with those that can enlighten us, help us, or just entertain us and remind us of how blinkin’ awesome we are. We need to continue to support those parents who are at the end of their ropes with kids they don’t fully understand and let them know – WE GET IT! We need to continue to support and uplift one another as we navigate the strange, but always interesting, waters of our own ADHD.
    Calling out the bullies, while it may seem satisfying at first, doesn’t shut them up. It doesn’t change their point of view. We cannot educate those who do not wish to be educated. So it’s a lot nicer to save ourselves the outrage and focus on what we CAN do. Focus on the people that make our ADHD communities better for all of us.
    okay, I’m done now. (sorry if I commented multiple times while trying to find the right keys on my phone.)

  2. “As a result of this, her google rank is soaring. Now when people to a search for ADHD they will be greeted by a video of the very whore who made you so angry in the first place.”

    This is what bothers me. I know some people on Twitter in particular who have shared this, and also spend much of their time stating over and over that ADHD is real. Yeah! We live it every day! While it is hurtful when people spout off ignorant statements, sometimes the best option is to just let them wallow in their ignorance. To me it would be like engaging in arguments with flat earthers (yeah they exist).

    I saw when someone posted this somewhere and I stared at it for about 5 seconds (which seemed like a long time) and then didn’t even watch it. I’m not giving her more than 5 seconds of my time, and I’m certainly not engaging in the conversation. Damnit. I’ve spent too long on this comment. We need to look to each other for support, and move past the ADHD deniers. They don’t deserve our time. Thanks for writing this hardcore PSA Tom!

  3. davidboswell says:

    Thanks Tom. I’m sharing this!

  4. livoburn says:

    I agree with you. Why share something because it has false information? Emotions are often stronger than logic. Thanks for posting this. 🙂

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