The ADHD People Group. “Yes you can post here”

adhdpeoplegroup banner tom-nardone-03242014I may regret the decision to start this group to my dying day, but I guess if it becomes too much of a pain in my ass I can just shut the son of a bitch down. I assume if you are are here than you are ADHD, and therefore you know what an asshole is. I am a member of several ADHD groups and while there are assholes in most of them, they are typically the exception and not the rule. It is true there is a little asshole in us all, and I am on record as being no exception. If you are a trouble maker your ass will get booted out. I am the only admin here so if you get the boot, then know it was my foot in the boot that booted your ass out. The way you will know you have been booted out is you will discover it on your own when you try to come back to the group. I am not interested in a confrontation with you, and therefore I figure it is just easier to just boot a problem rather than discuss it in an open forum. If you have a problem do not post about it. Please just send me a private message. nothing ever gets resolved in public. It just doesn’t work. The purpose of this group is support, and I want it to be a place to have fun. There is one rule to this group and that is simply, “don’t be an asshole”. Realizing the vagueness of this rule, I will give you some of the ways you can get your ass booted out of this group.

  • If our name happens to be Briony Mercedes, you are not permitted here. You are known far and wide to be a troll.
  • If you are a blogger than you are welcome to post your shit here along with mine, Andrew Wilcox’s, Jackie Young’s, and anyone else who is good standing with this group. If you are a drive-by blogger, and think you will use this group to post to and not be a part of it, then I will deem you an asshole and you will therefore get the boot.
  • No Neuro-Bullshit medical journal type articles are going to be tolerated here either. That kind of bullshit is not hard to find elsewhere so go there to read it.
  • Don’t invite Assholes to this group, even if this asshole is your friend. I think that is the best way to preempt any problems from starting.
  • This is a support group. Most people here do not want to be helped. They want to be supported and feel good about who they are, so unless they ask for help, just be supportive. if you cannot be supportive than be silent.
  • NO JUDGEMENT. If you are judgmental, than you will take the ass-boot express, and you will advance to the front of the line and will get the quickest of ass boots.

I know it kinda sounds like I am the only one who is allowed to be an asshole. So here is what I will offer you. If I have neglected to mention a rule for which you feel important than indicate so in the comment section of this post. Your rule, if you wish will have a by line next to it and will be forever etched into this page.   I am Tom Nardone, and your welcome. My favorite ADHD Bloggers are listed below. I encourage you to seek them out. They are in no particular order. If I forgot you than please don’t raise Hell over it just remind me.

I am Tom Nardone and you are welcome


6 Responses to The ADHD People Group. “Yes you can post here”

  1. Olga says:

    In true TomNordone fashion, that should cover it.

  2. Tom, I only have 3 things to say…1) I do have a small asshole and will try not to use it inappropriately. 2) I feel honored to be in the list you provided above. 3) I’m looking forward to being a part of awesomeville!

  3. Jackie Marie says:

    Ha ha ha I’m dying from the comment above…”I do have a small asshole and will try not to use it inappropriately.”

    Also, thanks for linking my blog to this. That’s awesome. My stuff isn’t always ADHD related, but I think it’s kind of clear that I have ADHD by some of my posts. 🙂

    This group is going to ROCK.

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