Elizabeth Osborne Let Me In !!!!!!!

Hello Elizabeth Osborne, Our mutual friend Ross Balmer, has brought to my attention that your Facebook group called “AWESOME WOMEN with ADHD” denied my entrance. He told me you had said, I could not be in the group because I am male. I understand your group is comprised of all women. The way I see it, There are three catagories for this group. Awesome,ADHD, and Woman



  1. Awesome – I am Tom Nardone and there are two websites i run, that are both a testimony to my awesomeness. You are on one of them and tomnardone.net is the other one. I really feel I have taken Awesome to the next level. I have climbed to the top of Mt. Awesome, and planted my flag firmly into the peak. It is there just believe me.
  2. ADHD – Well I mean Yah. I am ADHD.
  3. Woman – OK here is the thing I am not a woman, but perhaps there could be women there who would like to tap into the male perspective. I would be there to do that for all of the women who might need some insight into the pig that many men can be.

I feel I have made the best case i can make for why I think my entry into this group is good for everyone. No hard feelings either way.

I am Tomisina Nardone and you are welcome


2 Responses to Elizabeth Osborne Let Me In !!!!!!!

  1. Laura Stoker says:

    I am in the group and love the male perspective! I would love to hear your opinions and story on my blog.

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