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Tom Nardone (Rewired?)

Tom Nardone (Rewired?) I have never asked for help for my ADHD. I have never tried to be anything more than what I am. I have been content to live each day without worrying about the former or the latter. … Continue reading

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ADHD People: Sometimes, It’s Not Your Fault.

Sometimes, bad things happen to people who are not ADHD. Difficult as this may seem, non-ADHD people get divorced, are fired from jobs, get kicked out of their houses or apartments, and have car crashes. Yes, they too will at times … Continue reading

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ADHD, You Are a Lion, and Inside You is a Hero!

There are many people, who associate themselves very closely with their own ADHD. Friend or Foe, ADHD is seemingly that which gets all the credit or takes all of the blame. There is little debate as to the negative aspects of ADHD … Continue reading

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